Tor Browser Download

Protect yourself against all framework/organize reconnaissance and traffic examination/analysis. tor Browser download is a freeware and an open-programming that enables users to secure them against the reconnaissance that undermines/threatens singular adaptability & protection.

Program Discription

Tor is a Freeware program that released under BSD style Licensing which grants to surf Internet anonymously/namelessly, through its ensured and strong structure.Tor recently was called as ‘The Onion Router’ as an as a result of its structure and working framework. This program is written in C programming Language.

Advantages Of Tor Browser:
Tor browser download ensure the user security/protection by shielding/keeping any potential spectators from viewing out for locales visited. Now, where people are aware of computerized reconnaissance. Tor browser offers a connecting with technique for surfing the Internet in private.

Stay Anonymous With TorTor Browser en enables you to protect yourself on the web. It is the program that can help you anonymize web-browsing and messaging and distinctive applications that use the TCP convention.

Browser compatibility
Tor Browser encourages clients to utilize tor on MS Windows Linux and Mac OS without any extra projects/application. It’s completely compatible¬†with MS-Windows, Linux,¬†Mac & Android systems. mostly the acclaimed/famous operating systems are as of now covered by tor.

Download & Install Tor Browser Download

  • Go to and Simply press the download button.
  • Please wait while downloading process has been proceed.
  • When it finished, Open the downloaded file and run setup file.
  • Now! its takes a few seconds/moments.
  • Then your top browser is ready for web browsing.

Tor Browser Download Benefits And Features:

  • Offers anonymity/namelessness to servers & sites.
  • Accessibility to visit catapulted/bolted sits.
  • Complex Documents encryption before sending over the Internet.
  • Automatic information/data unscrambling at client side.
  • Mix/blend of Firefox Browser + Tor Project.
  • Performs task without uncovering/uncovering IP of Source.
  • Fit for routing/directing data to/from concealed administrations and applications behind the firewall.
  • Convenient/Portable Run a pre-planned web program straightforwardly from USB Device.
  • Available for designs x86 and x86_64.
  • Easy to set FTP with Tor using game plan/arrangement as “socks4a” intermediary on “localhost” port “9050”.
  • Tor browser download is fit for managing an enormous number of hand-off and a large number of customers.
  • Cross-Platform Availability.(open for Linux, Windows just as Mac).

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