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photoshop tutorial


How To Use Adobe Photoshop (Simple & Easy User Guide):

The user interface of Adobe Photoshop 7.0: First of all, we go through a Collection, how Photoshop features work and apply at something we all already know. This collage case should stick in your mind as you may think of what you want to do with Adobe Photoshop.

Always make an effort to associate an unknown to a recognized to simplify a problem. Now check the adobe photoshop complete interface below. Download free Adobe photoshop by Clicking “Adobe Photoshop 7.0:

photoshop tutorial

The Bookmarkable Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

Opening The File in adobe photoshop 7.0:

 Starting a file is a simple method, Simply go to the Menu >> File >> Open…Navigate to the document and spotlight/highlight it, after that click OKAY. But what should you not where the document is? if the location of the data/file is unknown, use Discover File.

photoshop course

NOTE: Sometimes a window asking if you want to convert to open. Convert to working space is the
desired option.

How to Create a document in adobe photoshop 7.0:

Creating a new document there are several issues to consider:

  • Background: The background is what the bottom coating is…Transparent, dyed/colored or light.
  • Size: The size is the measurements of your file and can be established using px, inches or etc.
  • Image Resolution: Image resolution is very important…It is simply how much info is within your file.

For new document creation, simply go to the file and select new. A new window appears and requires some inputs.

Resolution specs
Web Resolution = 72
Print resolution = 150 or 300
Film Resolution = 600

Rather than getting into a discussion on a quality/resolution, let’s just employ these options, as they will
work everywhere.

For Example:

  • Menu > File > New.
  • Put in a Size ( 6 inches by 9 inch).
  • The background is White.
  • The resolution is 150 this time.

Now it is a good empty document and you are able to put some content into it via Select/Copy/Paste.

How to copying, pasting and selection in Adobe Photoshop 7.0:

 Reset the tools by clicking on a tool and resetting all tools in the tool option bar
directly below the menu bar.

tutorial photoshop

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The Marquee tools help you to press and drag a region/area of a picture.
selecting this. Notice that the chosen area can be surrounded by the
“Marching Ants” — a shifting dotted line. This is actually the place that you may
affect. This selected location can be affected in various methods, for now,
though, we simply want to copy and paste that.

This works like a word processor in the sense that you just select
area, copy a location /area and then insert it into a destination. when
you paste into another file, a new layer is created.
SUGGESTION: Another beneficial trick intended for copying/pasting may be the move tool. Select a
layer from one file and move this with the move tool to the additional
Hjjjjjdocument. It is going to paste whatever was on that layer into the new file.

tutorial photoshop cs6

you just pasted is individual from other parts, it can be
relocated, rotated etc, separately from others, remember that you cannot impact that
coating unless you sole clicks on this in the Coating windows.
(Menu > Windows > Layer)

How to Use Adobe Photoshop (Save Files & Formate):

  • let’s open up Collage. PSD located in the workshop file on the personal pc.
  • Menu > File > Open up navigate to document, press once on it, click OK.
  • Then let’s save it as XYZ. psd in the test folder inside the workshop directory on the computer system.
  • Then save that as Function. jpg inside the FindMe file in the workshop folder on the desktop.
  • Menu > File > Save as Change title, Get around to desired preserve area, Press OK


♦PSD: PSD This is the PhotoShop format and it maintains/preserves layers.
♦ JPG: JPG To the web and it is used for images on the web.
♦.GIF: GIF Also this is for the internet but ideal for text.
♦ TFF: TFF An excellent cross system format that preserves almost all quality intended for printing.
♦ PCT: PCT Great format to get print and cross program.

Print The Documents( How to Use Adobe Photoshop)

  • Open xyz,jpg.
  • Menu > File > Page Setup. Check that document is going to print to the printer you desire.
  • Select the printer, Make sure Landscape/Portrait is correct. Then press OK.

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How to Save File For Web in Adobe Photoshop 7.0:

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  • Open XYZ. PSD.
  • Menu > File > save for web. This starts a new window.
  • In the upper left, click on 4-up…it creates four images. The top left picture is the original,
    the other are examples of choices.
  • Select the second image by clicking on this, notice dark line surrounds that.
    In the upper right of the window happen to be options for saving.
  • Output settings will be for creating HTML or background etc.
  • Choose jpeg to get images or GIF pertaining to text, after that set quality and ok.

Fonts & Texts:

Text in Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 has been increased. In Adobe Photoshop CS6, there is advanced tools for text customization. This is right now postscript and it is equivalent to Quark or Illustrator in imprinted appearance. That is utilized differently than old versions, this behaves a lot more like a word processor.

  • Open a fresh file with 72 resolution, 250 pixels x 600 pixels and transparent (Before opening the new file, close the already opened file).
  • chose ‘Next tool >> Doc >> Type text.
  • press the check mark in options.
  • download adobe flash player 10
  • the text came out within the last used typeface, Font and color. A user is also able to l edit the text, changing its’ color, font, position and size.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Photoshop 7.0:


  • The consumer interface is easy to use.
  • “Content-Aware Fill”-which fills in space once you remove something.
  • Ability to save your valuable project in several formats.
  • Convenient drag and drop folders onto a Photoshop record to create a fresh layer.


  • Needs more than 1gb free disk space to install.
  • Trial edition only operates/run for thirty days.
  • Beginners need tutorials to become able to make use of the software program.
  • Costly to buy the editing software program.
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