How To Update Chrome On Android, Windows And Mac

Updating chrome is beneficial as the bugs present in the previous version be fixed in the new version. The working quality can be enhanced by updating the latest version. When the new version updated, all the new features of chrome introduced by the company are automatically installed in a device. This would help in saving more processes or laptops.

How to update Chrome in Android:

Updating chrome in android is so easy. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Move to Google play store:

  • Representation of the Google play store.

Step 2:

By pressing the icon (three dotted lines) which is present at the top left corner, open the side menu.

how do i update chrome

  • Representation of menu


3) click on “My apps and games”

how to update chrome on mac

  • Representation of “My apps & games”


Step 4: Scroll and search the chrome app, and tap on “update”

how to check chrome version

  • 0.3865.92. is the latest version of chrome on android.

How to update Chrome on PC

It is very easy to update chrome on pc. If u know where to look it does not take a lot of time. You need to follow these steps.

1: Click on the icon present in the top right corner of Chrome.

2: Click on “Help” and then select “About Google Chrome”.

3: Click on the update button.

  • Representation of 3 steps

how to update chrome browser

Step 4: Click on the “Relaunch” button to close and then reopen  Chrome.

how to upgrade chrome

 How to Update Chrome on Mac
Follow these steps to update chrome on Mac.

1: Open the Chrome on Mac computer.

2: Click on the “three dots”  button.

3: Open the hamburger menu which is present on the left side.

4: Click about Chrome.

Note for Mac  users

For setting automatic browser updates for all users of the computer. If   Google

 Chrome is installed in the application folder. Then Go to “About Google Chrome”   & click on “Automatically update Chrome” for all users.

how do i update google chrome

  • If the update is not successful, it is suggested that you should download and install the latest version of Chrome. You can start by opening the site
Chrome update on window 7:
Follow these steps for Chrome’s update

1: Open Google chrome.

2: Press on “Customize  And  Control  Google  Chrome”.

3: Press the “Help button”.

4: Press “ About Google Chrome”.

5: Now Check on  “New Update and Update” It.

how to update google chrome on mac

Update Checking

If an update is pending, the icon will be colored:

  • Green: Green color shows that an update is pending for 2 days.
  • Orange: Orange color shows that an update is pending for 4 days.
  • Red: Red color shows that an update is pending for 7 days.
Chrome update for different operating systems:

Linux users: In order to update Google Chrome, you can use the package manager.

Window 8: Before updating of chrome in window 8, make sure all the tabs and chrome windows are closed.

Update chrome & enjoy web surfing.

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