How To Install The Google Chrome App on Android

The app can be defined as an application that can be installed by a user in the mobile gadget. Google chrome app is generally known as a chrome app. From the chrome web store where apps and extensions can be obtained, chrome apps can be installed. Google Chrome App was launched eight years ago on 6 December 2010.

Google Chrome App Details:

How Chrome app performs?

To deliver an experience comparable to a native application, chrome apps let you use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Is Google Chrome free to use?

Yes. It is a  free application.

Google Chrome is a free web browser. It is particularly useful if you have an Android smartphone or use any Google features such as Calendar, Mail, Drive or even YouTube.Jul 22, 2019, because its service is quick and easy to use.

How to install the Google Chrome app on Android:

Step 1: Firstly move to google play store and type” Chrome app” in the search bar.

Step 2: You will be able to see the chrome app. Click on install.

Step 3: Click on Accept.

How To Use Android Apps On Goole Chrome:

Google released the beta ‘App Runtime for chrome (ARC) project’ for designers in 2015 to run and test their Android applications on Google chrome internet browser. google introduced an additional tool known as ARC Welder with up to date runtime and extended app support. This tool operates on a runtime implemented applying Native customer. This is sandboxing technology which simply put enables Chrome extensions to run the app in the native user interface and velocity/speed.
In the early level, this tool was only accessible for programmers, but now it could be downloaded simply by anyone to operate Android programs in the web browser. Wondering just how? Here’s the step-by-step-guide for you personally.

Follow These Steps For using android apps on chrome:

  1. Open up Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Search for ARC Welder application extension intended for Chrome.
  3. Set up the expansion and click ‘Launch app’ option.
  4. Right now, you’ll have to download the APK apply for the software you want to operate Add the downloaded APK file towards the extension simply by clicking on ‘Choose’ button.
  5. Pick the ‘Orientation’ and ‘Form-Factor’ configurations for the app.
  6. Then click on ‘Test’ button to spread out the iphone app.

Note: Not really all the Google android apps work correctly with this tool, you might have to play with all the settings just like orientation and form-factor to create this function.

Comparison of Google apps and Chrome

.Chrome is a browser but Google apps do not lie in the category of browser. Google app is basically a web hosted service. It does not differentiate functionality by browser. It can be used virtually browser. Chrome apps can be divided into 2 types.

(1) Packaged apps                                         (2) Hosted apps

 Packaged apps

On September 5, 2013, Packaged apps were launched. apps are web apps with the look and feel of native apps. They are programmed using the same tools as web applications such as HTML5, Javascript, and CSS, but they run natively off of a user’s Chromebook. They still run using Chrome, but they have access to Chrome APIs that traditional web apps do not.

Hosted apps

Original types of Chrome apps are Hosted apps. They contain a single manifest file that contains the URL and additional information about the app. Hosted apps are usually offline. The app acts like a shortcut or bookmark.

Disadvantages Of Google Chrome App:
  • While using Chrome, it uses a lot of memory(RAM).
  • Chrome will close all the tabs opened without alerting. If you accidentally close the browser.
  • If you are a user of intel integrated GPU then there is bad news for you. Chrome uses GPU. If chrome is open, you can not play games.


Rendering speed is almost the same in both browsers. To manage frequent refresh, chrome use some good algorithm. Chrome renders the page a little quickly.

Reasons why we should prefer Google Chrome App?

Speed. It is designed to be the fastest web browser.

Simplicity. It is a clean, safe and simple browser.

Security. Chrome keeps us safe and sound with its built-in malware and phishing protection.

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