How To Enable Adobe Flash Player

A smart way to enable or disable Adobe Flash player on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge web browsers on windows.

How To Enable Adobe Flash Player On Mozilla Firefox:

how to enable flash

Go to and choose”Allow” on the pop-up that shows up. If the pop up doesn’t show, pick the plugin icon(grey block) left of the web address.

how to allow flash on chrome

Choose “Allow and remember” in the next pop up.

how to enable flash player in chrome


  • Click on the menu option”menu” and choose ”Addons-icon”  Add-ons.
  • Select the Plugins panel.
  • Look for Shockwave Flash on your list. Set it to Ask to Activate.
    how to enable adobe flash player on chrome


If you reload/visit a website again that requires Flash, Click on the Activate Adobe Flash option/prompt to allow  plugin, if needed*:

how to enable flash in firefox


Enabling Flash Player On Microsoft Edge:

You can easily enable adobe flash player on microsoft Edge. Open up the internet browser setting simply by selecting the “… inch button inside the top right of the web browser.

how do i enable adobe flash player

Find and select the “Settings” option/button.

how to enable flash player

Find and select the “View advanced settings” button.

how do i enable flash in chrome

Ensure “Use Adobe Flash Player” is toggled on.

how to allow adobe flash player

How To Enable Adobe Flash Player On Chrome:

1 ) Find the lock icon that is following to “BeFunky Inc” in the URL.

2 ) Find “Flash”/”Plugins” after which select the drop-down.

3 ) Choose “Always enable on this site”.

4 ) Close out of the webpage settings and select the “Reload” button.

If flash remains to be not loading, then follow these steps in another section:
Google Chrome — Flash Disabled

1 ) ) Click the Chrome tabs, and select ‘Preferences.

2 ) ) Browse down and choose ‘Advanced.

3 ) ) Get the ‘Content Settings’ tab.

5.) ) Slide/scroll down to flash.

5 ) ) Get BeFunky, and click the 3 dots.

6 ) ) Choose “Allow.”

7 ) ) You will see BeFunky has become allowed.

How To Enable Adobe Flash Player On Safari:

  • Choose “Safari” from your top menu and then choose “Preferences.
  • Select sites.
  • Find Plug-ins and discover Adobe flash player.
  • Find BeFunky.
  • Turn it “On”
  • Reload the webpage.

How To Update Adobe Flash Player Free Download For Windows:

  • Open your Browser.
  • Search for “Adobe Flash Player. inch.
  • Press on the update.
  • In case you see “Component not updated” or “Component updated,  you’re on the latest version.
  • Return to the web page with the Display content. In the event that this does not open instantly, in the very best left, press Reload.

How to know The Flash Player is Updated Or Not:

Open up Chrome In your pc.
Search for “Adobe Flash Player.
Click check/Look for the update.
In case you see “Component not updated” or “Component updated, you’re system on the latest version.Go back to the web page with the flash content.

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